Thursday, July 28, 2016

4 years later....where are we now?

July 28, 2016

So much time has passed, where do I begin? Let's circle back. For years, God gently tugged at our heart to adopt, and in July of 2012 we finally acted on the tugs and applied to our adoption agency, America World (

When we began the process, the wait time for the Ethiopia program was 18-24 months. The assumption was that our adopted child would be in our home by the summer of 2014. However, the climate of international adoption across the world was changing. The wait times kept moving out. So, we decided, "Hey, let's try for a biological child!" Liv was born in November of 2013, and changed our world and blessed us with so much joy.

Evan got a new job and we transplanted our family to Florida two years ago, which has been fun but very trying at times. As the wait time on our adoption continues to move farther and farther away, we continue to pray and ask God if He wants us to change something. Should we change to domestic adoption? Change countries? Foster to adopt? So far, no news from the Big Guy. He's asking us to continue to persevere and wait. This. is. not. easy.

We feel the desire to continue to grow our family, and so the conversation about another biological child came up. However, this time God revealed another layer to our story. Liv was a special blessing. We knew she was special, amazing, and a miracle, but to what extent... we had no idea. After a year a half of trying, many tests and appointments, we found out that the chances of another biological child is like being struck by lightning...twice. We are immensely grateful for our blonde bolt of lightning, but we still ache.

The question we have been pondering, is what should our posture be in the wait. We can't do anything, but what should our heart be doing? God has shown us to continue to seek his glory. Seek Him though crying out, praying, pleading, and just being. We aren't sure why this is our story, nor do we know all the reasons for the wait. But, God is good. His timing is perfect, and this is His story. His stories are way better than the ones that I write, but I'd being lying if I said I didn't want to flip to the last page and see how this one turns out.