Adoption Timeline

Our Adoption Timeline

Fall of 2009- Evan and I began discussing adoption
July 5, 2012- Requested information from AWAA
July24 , 2012-Completed online application
July 26, 2012- Accepted to Ethiopia program
August 7, 2012-Agreements received and accepted by AWAA
August 9, 2012- Contacted by Family Coordinator for the Dossier and the Home Study- Officially paper pregnant!
September 15, 2012- attended Home Study Orientation
October 7, 2012- Contacted by our social worker
December 2012- Received final Home Study and mailed off I-600A
January 2013- federal fingerprinting appointment (biometrics)
February 7, 2013- I-171H received and Dossier sent off!
January 2015- Updated home study for the state of Florida
May 2017 - Still in the wait, and Ethiopia has stopped signing off on international adoptions. Waiting to see next steps.

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