Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Poker Night

Full House! Pocket Aces! Straight! Trip Jacks! Ante Up! Go all in!

On September 29th starting at 3:00pm, we will have our first adoption fundraiser. We are holding a Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament. There is a $20 donated buy-in, and we have several fabulous donated prizes from Bull & Bones Restaurant in Blacksburg. Jimmy John's has also graciously donated some of their delicious subs for the event. Evan will also be raffling off a car detail from Gloss Boss Streetailing for additional donations.

This event is not to be missed! Guys and girls are welcome! The only requirement is that you know the rules of Texas Hold'em and show good sportsmanship:)

Again the details are:

What: Texas Hold'em Tournament ($20 buy-in)
When: Saturday, September 29th starting at 3:00pm
Where: 130 Jackson Street Blacksburg

All donations go directly to the Oster Family Adoption Fund


  1. Jackie, do you live in Blacksburg??? Cause I do too. Adopting from Ethiopia too. We should probably chat!!!

    1. Yep! Shoot me an email! I know 2 other families around here who are too:)

  2. Hey Jackie! When do you need to know who is playing in the tourney? My hubby plays so he might be interested in playing if we aren't already booked that weekend. I play too, but with our little one I don't think she would cooperate for me to sit long enough to play! Just let me know! I'm so excited for you guys!

    1. Hey lady! You can let us know the day before. We just need to give a rough estimate for Jimmy John's. Thanks for you interest!