Thursday, August 23, 2012

A gift that God perfectly orchestrated

Evan and I are in the paper chase. We are getting tons of paperwork together for both our Home Study and Dossier. We knew that in a matter of days a big bill would come from our agency for our Home Study ($2,000) and post adoption deposit ($1,000). We need to pay this before we can complete the first Home Study which is an orientation in McLean, VA.

Every day Evan would come home and ask, any donations today? I'd tell him some support is trickling in, but God will show up and provide the $3,000. He may not be early, but He won't be late. And He did. I checked my email, and I saw Jason W's name in the inbox. Jason is in charge of AWAA's Eternal Family Program, where you can donate to the agency on our behalf. When I see his name, I get excited.

Then I saw it. A $3,000 gift. Exactly $3,000. Our supporter is not a millionare, a best friend, or a relative-just someone who loves God. A $3,000 gift days before we receive a bill for $3,000 is not a coincidence, it's a God-incidence.


  1. YES! WONDERFUL! And all our striving can never compare....He is so gracious :) Love, LOVE this!