Friday, August 24, 2012

Jen Hatmaker's Blog

A friend of mine shared this blog with me, and I am so grateful! Jen Hatmaker gives an honest portrayal of adoption one year later in her post, "The Truth About Adoption: One Year Later." I especially resonated with the portion of the post that describes the stages. Evan & I are in the "pre-stage." She writes:

Pre-Stage: Waiting for Your Kiddo I just want to touch on this stage, as it bears virtually no resemblance to every single phase that follows. This is the hungry, manic process of paperwork, dossiers, referrals, court dates, in-country travel, Embassy appointments, and deferred hope. Maybe 5% of my adoption friends sailed through this stage. For the other 95% of us, expect delays, frustrations, snags, unforeseen interruptions, bottlenecks, slow-downs, obstructions, and an obliterated “timeline.” (Dear People Who Give Us Timelines, please stop doing that.)

Here is the upside: This is the stage you realize God can put a vicious fight in you for a kid without your blood coursing through his veins. Those early doubts about loving a child without the helpful instincts of biology are put to rest. Of course, you don’t know this kid yet, but you love him in your heart, in your bones. You’ll fight like hell to get to him. You can’t think of anything else. You are obsessed. You dream about him like you did when you were pregnant. You realize that when God said He sets the lonely in families, He meant it, and He doesn’t just transform the “lonely” but also the “families.” He changes us for one another. God can create a family across countries, beyond genetics, through impossible circumstances, and past reason.
Also, dear friends, check out the entirety of the post. You and I will both need the reminder after our child is home and the honeymoon stage is over. Freak outs will happen, and thank you Jen Hatmaker for letting us all know that this is normal.

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